Need help with this ex girlfriend any advice helps?

beem going out with this girl for 3 1/2 years most of which was on and off. she would break up with me for the stupidest reasons and then try to make it up to me. anyways that what when she was in love with me. now we had a huge fight and during that fight she wanted me to ask her out and i didn't becuase i didn't feel like it was the right time so i kept trying to apologize becuase she wouldn't talk to me over dinner becuase apparently i flicked water at her on purpose just to sum it up and i told her to get out of my car if she is just going to make this a big deal and she did and flipped me off in the process. rough night i called her the next morning and she was still mad telling me it was too late. so i kept chasing her for a week and begger for her back (not manly but were human i couldnt help myself i love this girl) and since i wouldn't leave her alone she lashes out on me telling me she's moved on and she doenst love me anymore. i dont know if i should believe her becuase she would say this the same thing before and then we would still be back together in a couple of days. im currently going no contact until she contacts me not to get her back but for myself becuase i dont wanna act like that over a girl again and i need to be strong. she's also struggling in school and feels like she doesn't want to be in a relationship which is code that she doesn't want to be in one with me which im okay with. she also said she wasn't going to start dating either becuase school is important right now but she's a beautiful girl shell get hit on by other dudes. just need help in understanding her i told her that i love her but if she doesn't feel the same way that im moving on with my life and to contact me if she wants to talk again. any help? thank you


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  • You need to walk away and try to move on with your life


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  • She's probably angry and frustrated with the discord and has used your constant desire for her as leverage to get you to feel her anger. There's a good chance she wants you to feel bad for awhile too (experience her feelings) and eventually she'll probably slowly take you back.

    I would date her if you want in the future if she shows she's interested. That may not happen because of your ingrained routine. If you date again, work on communication.


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