How do I drop off the radar after acting needy?

I wasn't overly clingy, and he always replied but I've realised I seem more keen in messages. I have a habit of being a bit too cofident/honest
I feel a bit silly now though and I just want to have a break from talking to him for a week or two.
I don't want him to think I'm mean if I ignore him, but I don't want to tell him either and sound even more weird.


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  • Just do what you think is best, sounds like you are pretty worried about it but I wouldn't stop messaging him completely just do you! There is no point trying to change if you're just Keen. A lot of people are very interested but don't text too much. Best of luck


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  • But what if he like you because you talk to him a lot?

    • I think he is interested, but it's clear that I like him more

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    • I want to completely back off for at least s few days
      Does it seem mean that I was obvious about liking him, and then suddenly being 'too busy' to talk?

    • yeah if you go to one extreme to the next... just text at moderation.

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  • How many messages were you sending? Were u sending messages before he had chance to reply?

    • Usually talking daily at nighttime but I've been initiating almost all of them lately
      Well I don't double text, he does talk to me but the way he talks he sounds more friendly and less like he likes me in the same way

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    • Yeah I guess you're right. He definitely knows I like him haha so I'll just give him a chance to show if he does or not

    • If its any consolation he may be like me. Maybe he's tired, maybe he just doesn't have anything to say on that particular day, or just not in mood for a marathon conversation? Just carry on as u are, say hi how u doing & then the ball is in his court to continue or not?

  • be yourself


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