Why are some guys such hard work ha Shall I text this guy or shall I call it a day?

I've been dating this guy for a while and have been speaking to him for some time but he is very laid back which is just his personality so I'm not sure whether to make the effort or not anymore. We have slept together once. When I am with him its great and he's very sweet but when I'm not its hard work to arrange things. In the early days he did say that it can be a problem meeting people because he travels a lot and said that he hasn't been on a date in years until he met me. He does travel quite a bit due to his job as he plays sport so has to compete in different places from time to time. The last time I saw him was before he went away when we went to the cinema and before I left he said we should meet up next week. When next week came he didn't suggest anything and then next week he was in another country as he was called up to compete. I messaged him asking that he went quiet to which he the messaged back saying he was away and that the signal was really bad so it wa hard to reply (which as much as it could be true i thought was a bad excuse). I then said when are you back and he said Wednesday. I know he is really busy with his job but I don't see the point in us carrying on if he's not gunna make more effort. He does seem to like me and shows that when I see him, he's more of a actions speak louder than works person. Anyway shall I message back to him saying that he is back on Wednesday or shall I just wait for once until he is back to arrrange something? Or shall I just swallow my pride and ask whether he is still interested in meeting anymore and whther he actually wants anything serious?


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  • Call it a day because you've gone crazy.


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