Why won't he meet me half way?

So.. This guy has been texting back and forth a couple months now, always responsive, it's about a 50/50 effort id say. we hung out a few times just getting to know each other (other than our first initial meeting, he would always find a reason to hang out) . About a week ago he mentions that he's still up for hanging out sometime. So yesterday I finally just asked when we were gonna hang out, his response was that he was free anytime etc. (Kept it friendly and jokative). I asked him to just let me know when he'd like to... After his response of dunno I told him that I'm taking that answer as a no then. All he said was no, sooner or later. Trying not to show frustration I just said alright, I tried. It's your call Then 😊. Then ended with a friendly joke from a previous convo to give us both a laugh... Why is it so hard for him to meet me half way? He's being passive and it's frustrating. Any advice? I'm not usually a pushy person but I'm Kind of tired of waiting on the guy... So I figured it was harmless asking.


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  • Because he doesn't really care


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