Waiting on this girl. Should I text her?

I asked her out a week ago and got a yes. She was busy so i asked her out a second time on Thursday. In a flirty way she said yes, but also said she was gona text me when she is free. I flirted back saying im gona be mad if i dont hear from her, it was fun. Now I am wondering do i just remain silent till she texts me and wait ( gauge interest)? OR should i initiate a text at some point just to talk?


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  • U could try texting her again... If she blows u off again, probably just wait till she hits u up...

    • She has never blown me off. just been busy. I just want to talk to her thats all, i suck at waiting. Think waiting is the right thing to do?

    • U can hit her up if u don't want to wait... Just don't over do it or you'll look needy or impatient

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  • No bro, wait to hear back from her. You text her too much she will just ignore you. If she is not interested, move on and meet someone else.

    • You text her too much, you just appear needy. Women love a man who is mysterious

    • I mean she know i am interested. So its best to just remain completely silent? even for a full week till i see her next?

    • Hell yeah, dude she already knows you are into her. I have tried exactly what you want to do, I texted after asking her out like that and got me no where. You texting her too much just to talk is uneccessary. You need to show you will stand up for yourself by walking away and not texting her ever again. Be friendly when you see her, but dude, she blew you off, you want people are excited to go out with you. Remember, you dont want people who are on the fence about you, you want people jumping fences to be with you. But yeah, dont text her until she texts you back, dont ask her out again. In the meantime, go meet someone else, if she calls, she calls, she doesn't oh well. Good luck!

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  • Initiate a text to talk. That would be the best thing to do.

    • even though she said she is going to text me when she is free? I dont want to come off as needy..

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    • So even after asking her out twice (2 yes's) AND she said that she is going to text me later on to tell me her availability, you think it would be best to text her anyway?

    • Yes, just to get to know her. If you don't want to, then don't but it can't hurt.

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  • You're gonna go crazy waiting for a girl to tell you when she's free for a date


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