Did you ever think that you'd date people easily growing up? Or there would be a lot of people who would find you attractive?

When you were in your preteens or in your puberty age, did you ever think that if you were going to be older, you'd be dating a lot and a lot of people would find you attractive? I used to think this a lot. Instead, I'm almost 30 now and haven't even dated or kissed any girl in my life. Makes me realize how naive I was as a kid to not know how ugly I have always been.


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  • No, not at all. I thought I'd meet one decent, average guy, date for a while, and then get married. I thought sex, which was a distant, alien concept, would be after marriage of course. I felt more plain and average in my early teens, though. I didn't think I was attractive, didn't have boys after me, or any of that. I was more focused on school, wasn't concerned with my appearance, etc. I'd have relatives and family tell me I was pretty, but never gave that any thought or credit.

    Then a couple years went by, I grew into myself, went to college... and all of sudden there were a lot of guys interested in me. I realized, I'm actually attractive, and there are guys who want to date me, which was a trip. So I started dating more and things, and with guys I thought were attractive too, and had to re-arrange my world view and figure out what I want.

    • Oh wow. Consider yourself very lucky though.

  • fuck no. i had planned to be a lone wolf, but a shy guy kinda fucked that up for me, and now i can't live without him

    • That's good. You're very lucky.

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