Is there any hope if you're in this situation (READ)?

I meet some guys in my age group (25-29) who have never had a girlfriend before. I pity them because I don't see any hope for them at this point. Most people have been involved in relationships for 10-15 years. These guys are so inexperienced, I don't see how it is possible. The only way they COULD get involved is if they dated a teenage girl in high school (since the experience level is about the same) but that would be morally wrong.

My brother is in this situation. He is turning 28 soon. I just don't see any hope.


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  • There is always hope. "Experience" is not only about things directly related to dating; it is also about everything else that adults must handle in life, which affects the relationship itself too, albeit indirectly.

    My big brother didn't find his first real girlfriend until he was about 25 and had been working for a few years after graduating from college. His girlfriend was a few years younger (early 20s), and was in college at the time. Despite being younger, she had MANY previous partners (compared to his one: her) -- BUT it turned out she was still immature when it came to matters of commitment and not knowing what she wanted out of life. So they ended up breaking up. Having many past partners doesn't necessarily make a person better-equipped to be in a serious, committed relationship.

    My brother was single for a years more, until he was almost 30 and connected with another girl who was more compatible with him and who had a much stronger idea about what she wanted in life. They are now engaged to be married. :)

    It's never too late unless a person gives up and is convinced that they have nothing to offer another human being.


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  • Dude I have been single 23, how can u say im so inexperienced?

  • Well its just more responsibility for the guy

  • 18 year olds aren't always much more experienced than high school girls, and you'd be surprised how common it is for people to have no experience, they just don't talk about it.

    They could learn to fake it till they make it. Enough people never learn from their experience anyways, and party girls aren't really any more mature and still may have lots of dating experience.

    • But most immature party girls ARE in high school.

      By the time a girl reaches 20, she's mature and "well-seasoned" in the dating field.

    • Everyone matures at different stages, women are generally more seasons in dating to begin with since they get hit on more of the time. Sure it might be a steep learning curve for your friends but if they put the effort to trying they could still do it, it's just most people don't want to put in that effort, so it's really up to them.

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