Why is my girlfriend taking pics with other guys? Would you girls do this if you guy doesn't spend that much time with you or something?

This past i only see my girlfriend 1 time a week. She always says how she misses me and stuff and i miss her too but don't have the time for he as on now. Last week she kept telling me to spend 4 hours with her an extra day but i couldn't cause of mid terms. So then she sends me a text 3 days ago saying "sometimes you make me feel like i'm not yours". I was sadend by that. I told her how much i love her and so on. Well last night she goes and take pics with these guys and it was like 4 guys and her. I texted her in the afternoon but still no reply. I never get mad easily but now i'am mad. Was this because i don't spend time with her, she took pics with other guys?


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  • I take pics with my friends regardless of gender, but yes, some girls will do that to try to get your attention and make you jealous. Personally, I think it's best to be direct, and my boyfriend knows my friends and not to feel threatened. Maybe talk to her if it's worrying you.

    • well now i'am worried. She does take pic with other guys but i know them. These guys i never seen them before. I cancled on her last week so maybe that is why? :/

    • Well, I'm not sure. It sounds like you should at least talk to her. Ask her how she's feeling about your relationship or something like that, and make sure she understands what happened last week. The pics could be nothing still.

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