Would you date your brothers/sisters close friend?

We've been getting on for a while now. He always messages me, and whenever he's around, feels the need to touch me one way or another. Whether its our hands, leg, arm... anywhere...
Whenever he comes over he always walks into my bedroom first, hugs me if im asleep, and then leaves... rather cute actually
Today we were watching TV in my living room and he decided to lay down and put his legs on my lap.. later decided to change the channel as i was holding the remote, so kind of held my hands too.
I really like him... but I think he's initimidated because he's my brothers friend?
He talks to me more than my brother, and messages me daily... but won't make a proper move... I know he's still somewhat hung onto his previous relationship, but then again, so am i... but it doesn't stop me feeling that way for him...

Much appreciated. xo
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  • I would :P From close friends to siblings in law xD I wouldn't make a move unless my friend would agree too though.

    • what of he's too shy/worried to say so?

Most Helpful Girl

  • Given my current sibling situation... that's gonna be a hell no.

    My siblings are 14 years old. There would be more than a little something wrong with me if I went for one of their friends lol

    That's not to say that my brothers' friends don't practice their flirting techniques on me though.

    None of them are getting girlfriends any time soon with what game they have lmao

    But if I had a sibling close in age (like 2 years older) then maybe I'd poach one of their friends. But maybe not.

    • I'm 21 and he's 20 next week so :)
      but 14 would be a little worrying, yes

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  • Brothers really don't like it when you do that and it is kind of mean of you. He'll get really mad at his friend.

    • My brother actually stated that he's happy with up being close because his friend is 'a nice guy' ...

  • I would never want to date any of my brothers friends. The bro code I do not mess with. My brothers friend and I started to hangout as friend because he's been brought traumatic experience. So I was being nice he later told me he liked me. So I kind of guy him off. My brother would feel super betrayed and I wouldn't blame him. Plus my brothers friends are like little brothers to me they ask me for relationship advice and I'm brutally honest and I don't take sides. My sisters friends maybe because we are a year apart and we know the same people. Sister code though she likes him I'll back off


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