Why did he tell me about a girl he fell in love with, who played him?

So I'm seeing this guy we haven't labeled our relationship but I see him almost every weekend and the last time I was over he told me about a girl who he was in love with, I think he might still love her from the way he was talking but I'm sure why he told me and then afterwards he kissed me just a like 2 second peck and then walked me to my car and asked if I had plans for next Friday and said okay next Friday and then gave me another kiss just lips no tongue does that mean anything?


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  • I'm sorry but you're his "Go-to" girl.

    Guys can be idiots sometimes, and he's probably one of them. If he fell in love with her, he may still be "in-love" with her. You're his rebound. You're here to just in case he can't win her back.

    He still can be a good guy, who doesn't know how to treat a women. I want you to talk to him. Ask him if he still has feelings for her. If he does, don't scold him for it. When you're in love, it's hard to come out of it. If he says he still feels for her, you have two options. Both ways, your relationship is over.

    Option one is to give him time to decide. Tell him you do not want to see him until he makes up his mind. If he chooses you, congrats! If he chooses her, his lost.

    Option two is dump his sorry butt. A man does not deserve a women if he isn't ready to commit. If his old love played him, it's still not right for him to play you. Do you want a hopeless relationship? I don't think so.

    Your path is your choice, so choose wisely. Anyways, stay cute!


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