What is subterranean subconscious?

I asked a guy I've dated on and off for almost a year if I was foolish for thinking there was something between us. most of our conversations are sexual in nature, but our time together isn't. Sometimes I think it's a one sided thing, and I try to date other people. But I always come back to him. He's home for me. He knows this. I don't mind the status quo but if he's not heading the same direction I am, I need to find a way to move on for good. His response to am I foolish for thinking there's something more between us was : No. there's a subterranean sub-conscious connection.

What the heck does that even mean?


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  • It means he is an idiot what the fuck does that even mean is my first thought.-_- but i think deep down you know you need to find way to move on for good. So let that feeling of knowing you need to move on and make it conscious decision to actually do it and he could stay with his sub conscious pseudo bullshit by himself. Good luck :)


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