What's wrong with my girlfriend?

Me and my girlfriend are watching the first Hunger Games movie its only half way through it already she's starting to cry about it. She usually likes these movies. The other ones didn't upset her. I don't know why it is now. She said she hasn't watched it in a while. But I don't think she should cry over a movie. What's wrong with her? How can I comfort her?


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  • Could be her hormones ( maybe PMS ), or she's seeing something that triggers her memories in some weird way and she feels emotional. You can comfort her by hugging her or letting her know nicely ( not sarcastically or you'll be in trouble 😉 ) it's just a movie, they're all actors. Or you could flat out just ask her what it was in the movie she found sad.

    • Forgot to add, there's nothing wrong with her, some people just very empathetic to certain thing and it triggers their emotions.

      Was the movie good?

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  • comfort her, hold her close


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  • Just cuddle her and hold her tightly. And then when she has calm down, ask her what is wrong


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