Maybe it's me? Maybe it's my self-esteem?

All the guys i've liked or dated in the past year have been (according to my friends and family) below my standards guess? Something like i'm out of their league? Now I know i've had some really low self-esteem for a while now, but i'm wondering if maybe they are all too judgemnental, or maybe my self-esteem is reflecting in the type of guys I date. I often think "wow he's so attractive but he would never go for a girl like me." My friends and family call me beautiful but I don't believe them because I think they are just sparing my feelings. It's not like they will ever tell me i'm ugly. for the past 8 or so months i've just avoided dating altogether because I feel like i'm just not good enough for anyone. On top of that, it seems like the only guys interested me are social outcasts/creepy-scary guys/nerds. Now there's nothing wrong with dating an outcast or a nerd, but my family always says I can do better when i'm with these kinds of guys. To be fair, i mainly talk to the nerdy outcast type pf guys as friends, but I never mean to flirt with them or anything. I don't know what to do honestly.


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  • you could also have a really humble outlook... as opposed to low seld esteem.

    posting a picture would help.


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  • Go with them who cares? Your happiness is yours not theirs.


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