Why won't this guy give up asking me out?

talked to this guy on tinder, he just wanted to meet me, told him i would be with friends and i would be mainly talking to them, warned him ahead of time. We chatted for a couple minutes til my friends got there and i stuck with them and after maybe an hour the guy left.
I later received and text from him and i didn't think i would be receiving a text from him. I've been super busy and he keeps asking me out. I don't think i deserve this guy bc i he looked very annoyed that i didn't talk to him more.
Point is do i just to need to tell him i have no time much less interest in going out with him especially since i obviously annoyed him that i didn't talk to him more?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah, he's not getting the hint. Try something like, "I'm just not interested in you that way."


What Girls Said 1

  • You absolutely need to tell him that you're not interested. Keeping him around is not cool. He needs to know the truth and then stop hanging out with him.


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