Pretty girls get ignored?

One of my coworkers recently confided that she has a crush on another coworker. The problem is that she comes to work dressed very pretty with her hair fixed and clothes cute but she complains that her love interest doesn't take notice. If she comes dressed down he reacts differently and will at least smile at her. I didn't believe it until we tested the theory out. Sure enough he would nod his head or at least look her way when she wore jeans to the office. On days she was dressed in business attire with hair and make up he wouldn't acknowledge her. They are on equal level she is not management so it's not a supervisory issue.
I have no answers for her. Can you guys help me figure out why he does this?


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  • I am like this. The truth is he is shy. He likes her and can't believe a woman like that likes him back. When she is made up he talks himself into "She has a bf" or "No way she likes me back". It is a little better when she isn't like that but not much. His shyness can be counteracted, by talking to him, flirting with him, and letting him know she is interested.

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    • That's it? Shy?
      Good thing I asked the guys. I thought maybe he just wasn't interested. He can't even look at her so a girl would think she isn't his type. We are so used to being checked out so when the object of our affection doesn't acknowledge our efforts we think oh well I can't catch his eye.

    • Its true. Even now, I sometimes have trouble keeping eye contact with my crush.

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  • He is worried about being accused of harassment, so he backs away when the girl tries to look attractive, since other people ARE noticing her and will also notice him paying attention!

    . When she's informally dressed, he feels more comfortable acknoledging her because others at work aren't likely to label him so quickly for paying attention to a girl in jeans.


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  • This guy is shy! Go up to him!


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