Is he ignoring me, or what?

So i were at a party this Friday, and while I was dancing with some of my friends, this guy comes up to me, put his beer on the floor, grabs my hand, and then we start dancing. We danced to two songs, he told me his name, I said mine, and then he had to go back to his friends.
One of my friends came up to me, and she knew who he is, because he is friends with her brother. She said he's a really nice guy, and I should just go talk with him. But I didn't, cause I didn't lnow what to say. Later on i saw him when I was waiting on my friend at the bathrooms, and I smiled at him and he smiled back.
When I came home I foudn him on facebook and sent him a friendsrequest, but he hasn't added me.
by the way. he is a really cute guy and seems really nice, and my friend said he is, so I really wan to know him.

So is he ignoring me? Is it because he hasn't been online? Or does he not want to talk with me?
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  • He dosen't want to be friends with me on FB
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  • Or he's busy. Why do people expect instant reactions or stridently the person hates them. Chill the fuck out


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