Why do I feel insecure when I see White guys with brown girls?

I've seen it a lot lately why are the increeased number of these couples? we try to stay loyal to our girls but they seem to have a different view, I don't know if there is any brown girl today who prefers brown guys 1st choice, also a lot of indian and pakistani girls who are pretty and have PHD''s rather be in a relationship with a White guy who isn't in her profession or anything than one of her own i feel there is no hope for us


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  • please don't feel insecure. i am brown (pakistani) and have dated only two guys... both of whom were white. i grew up and lived in a town that is over 95% white though. there was only 1 brown guy at my school but he had a girlfriend. also, sometimes it feels easier dating white when we're younger, because desi families make it so hard for desi kids sometimes with all the traditional beliefs.

    brown guys are awesome though. most have been very kind to me. The super americanized ones can be pretty men sometimes, but I don't think they represent the average desi guy. I would honestly trust a brown guy the most out of any. Y'all are handsome, loyal, family-oriented, caring, smart, ambitious, and sweet. Don't think about it too much. Our culture can sometimes be too domineering and that pushes some people away from it out of frustration or rebellion. For others like myself, it was just because that's all that was around me and it was easier. Now that I'm probably dating to get married, I strongly prefer brown or maybe middle eastern arab.

    • i meant the super americanized ones can be pretty MEAN not men lol

    • also i'm not very desi i'm westernized but hopefully most desi girls are into us

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  • Maybe because you feel insecure to white men due to that their racist caste system you guy still hold onto. Oh and don't act so surprise because Indian guys slobber over white women too.

    Also this isn't exclusive to brown girls but to Asian girls. They look as white guys as status symbols, and therefore will pursue them to no end. If they get pump and dumped and never get married to these white guys they will sproute some BS about appreciating and rediscovering their culture. They will then marry brown guy when they near 30's.

    • what do u mean slobber? i don't think browns guys date so much whites or do they? tbh i think it may also be true a few Indian men who made it like Dr Sanjay Gupta and Fareed Zakaria etc but that's jsut like 2 so isn't a big deal

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  • women do not have the same type of honor that men do. never compare a women to a mans standards because you will more often then not be disappointed.

  • What's wrong with that in your opinion?


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