How to determine a guy's moves through coded measages?

Ok, here's the story. I was seeing someone at one point and at another point he suddenly pushed me away saying that he doesn't feel the same way when initially he was one to initiate physical contact. I feel he is somehow lying because he has a lot going on. So one night i suddenly felt like i was missing someone badly and vice versa. I changed my Whatsapp status to "i'm a diamond, not a rock" and the day after he changed to '💎'. What is that supposed to mean?


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  • Shit I don't know. Could be anything. Could be trying to be a asshole or not.

    • Meaning? Asshole in what sense?

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    • But then he changed it to "i hope the sheriff keeps away from me" meaning?

    • LOL That's a Earl Sweatshirt reference. He listens to hip hop apparently.

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