He doesn't act with me like he did with her?

I'm seeing this guy who is one of my close friends.
He got out of a long relationship a few months ago & i'm not expecting a full on relationship yet
However, it's getting to me that he doesn't act with me how he did with her & makes me wonder if we actually have any future.
He worshipped the ground she walked on, they took cute couple selfies & he wrote her cute cards & gave presents on valentines day.
I am falling way to fast and hard for him & getting mixed messages back & it worries me...

Valentines Day

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  • Well, I suppose you two aren't in a relationship yet, so it's understandable that he's not full on showering you with love and pinks hearts, at least not yet. Usually the more feelings a guy has for the girl, the better he will treat her. He just hasn't developed too strong feelings yet.
    Be careful though, maybe he's not falling for you like you are for him, that's the sad thing about life, everything is not always reciprocated. Try to feel things out and not get your hopes up. Good luck!

    • He told me he loved me a few weeks ago, but he hasn't said it since.
      If he loved me wouldn't he treat me differently?

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    • I don't know... I haven't thought about that, maybe i'm in the friend zone even though we have sex & stuff...

    • Maybe he's just using you as a rebound to forget about his ex. :/ It's tricky.

  • He just got out of a long term relationship, give him time. He's probably not even really over her yet and is afraid to do the same things because of the way the last one ended.

Valentines Day