Does a kiss really tell you that much?

I've been hanging out with this guy for about 3-4 months now. I love hanging out with him more than anything and really like him now. well tonight when he dropped me off we kissed :) but I honestly didn't "feel" anything. should i? other guys I have kissed I either get turned on or just get a thousand butterflies in the moment or when thinking about it.

i hear people say that if you don't feel anything in a kiss you don't truly like that person. is that true? cause I'm pretty damn sure I like him but I don't want to be wondering where the sparks are every time we kiss. should I worry about it or just wait to see what happens?


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  • hmm for me kisses are usually an indication that I like a person...ive kissed guys and have fell head over heels and I've kissed guys and it was like kissing my brother. how ever if you think you like him or you know you like him then a kiss shoudlnt really affect your feelings for him. keep kissing him maybe eventually you will feel something. and if not, it shouldnt matter as long as he makes you happy.


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  • First kisses don't always tell you everything. If you're pretty sure you like him, that's all the justification you need to give him a second, and maybe a third chance.

  • The only thing I've found that kisses do is tell the two people involved whether or not the other person is a good kisser.


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