Is it really me? or is the place?

Is it me? i lived in this town for 23 years and i keep blaming all my problems on this town, if something bad happens i get frustrated and feel trapped like i will go no where in this life. My brother and sister remain her, but they always exclude me out of their lives on purpose, when i want to show them my friends they never talk to them or act social but ignore them and whenever i have something going on in my life they act like didn't hear it. I find it very hard that i dont have anyone to share anything with, my brother resents me for no reason and my younger sister follows him and they act like i dont have a ''life'' and they do. I find it very traumatizing and makes me realize that if i succeed i can't share it with anyone in my life, they are my only family members, talking doesn't help. I feel really alone, my mother and older sister are both clinically depressed and i dont have any other family member in my life besides them. I feel really hurt, i have sleepless nights over this for over 3 months. Why do they hate me so much?


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  • Escape then... move away and start afresh from all the bad memories... find new people, new friends, find happiness, follow your dreams

    • i am too scared , cause i will be all alon e

    • Are you alone now?

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