At what age should you realize its not gonna happen?

girls dont date nice guys they only like guys who treat them like dirt which is supposably more of a challenge and she relishes the opportu ity to try to fix him. mean while good guys are getting tossed to the side and she'll either say i just wanna be friends or i already have somebody which is a polite way of rejecting him


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  • Will there ever come a day when Nice Guys (tm) realize that attitudes like this is what's preventing them from getting dates?

    • you dont understand we have our hearts out there for you but years of getting stomped on and friendzoned anyone can become bitter even nice guys if your more emotionally invested the more pain you will feel and the more bitter you will become

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    • You're asking me? I am in a true loving relationship with a man who loves me very much, and have been for 4 years. If other girls continually go for total douches, it's their problem.

    • well oi just wish their was a way i could be druggged or hypnotized dso i wouldn't think about it and it would go away

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  • What's not gonna happen?

    • never gonna have a chance at a realetionship cause most girls like assholes and friendzone anyone whos not

    • ... Oh it's one of these posts again...

    • no i experience it but what i wanna know is why do you seem them as more of a man

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  • The main problem of nice guys is they want to be extra nice with her, to the point that she ''senses'' something from him, but in her mind she has been thinking, ''i only treat him as a FRIEND bruhh... why are you treating me so good?''

    It's like a false identity from the start.

    • so how is it possible to find a girlfriend if literally every girl just sees you as a friend if even that

    • thus u have to act like a lover, not a friend. A friend acts like platonic sense, no flirtings whatsoever. A love story only develops when a woman feels there's up & down emotions.

  • like by 20 if you're still on that nonsense in your 20s you're an idiot... or mormon but mormons keep their daughters on a short leash so they get decent women.

    • dude im 24 and i get rejected by girls on dating website and i completely get ignored off line

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    • well i have zero self confidence

    • yeah well thats something that dance classes will help you with. also lift weights try and look as sexy as you can

  • since the premise isn't true there isn't an age when a guy should realize this

    • Dude I'm 24 and nothing is looking like it's gonna change

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    • Well I'm not desperate anymore I kinda go through phases before it was desperate but over time that turned to bitterness abd rage

    • just realize that the longer it takes the more you'll appreciate it when it happens... in the mean time live your life. realize you can be happy alone

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