Should I be concerned that he barley holds my hand or never kisses me goodbye?

This guy and I have been going back and forth with our feelings for awhile now.. It's either we don't need to date now... Or we are just "talking"(The stupidest thing our generation has came up with) or to just friends.. But then he takes that one back two hours later.
Meet have been talking for about 4 months.
He cuddles with me when we are together.. But he never does the little things.. So it makes me feel like maybe he's just in it for something else or maybe he just doesn't like me as much as I want him too.
When we do hold hands... It's usually me that does it. He does play with my hair while I lay on him and give me forehead kisses though. ( could see why I'm confused)
the main thing I have a problem with is the goodbye kisses? Does every guy do them if he really likes the girl? Every relationship I'be been in the guy has kisses me goodbye..
I feel like if he likes me as much as he said and if we are "basically dating" that he would think about it.. Instead of just being like okay bye and leave? Like with no hug or anything.. this may mean nothing, but I just know it bothers me.


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  • Yep he's playing you the reason I know is my ex girlfriend did the same fucking bullshit found out she was cheating behind my back with two different guys actually


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