Why is my younger sister so jealous of me? Please read all, ill answers yours?

I have a feeling she is jealous of me for no reason. She is 3 years younger then me and always tries to make me feel like my life is less then her. She makes comments like ''you are going to end up in a average life, what else?'' ''you are a bad intern'' 'you will never find a man', she talk behind my back with our brother. ''You are a bit slow and fuzzy brained, but thats ok'' while i am smart, sharp and i learn things easily.

I ignore those comments, but i haven't spoken in months to her now, after she played with my me again, she promised i could come over for a few days and sleep in her house, went that day came ''she said, im not in the house and im going somewhere' giving me an attitude and that time i got sick of her and stopped talking to her and blocked her and she deleted my number, after that she keeps calling our mother to inform her about her ''wonderful'' life, im a good person and always supported but she keeps making up reasons ''to hate on me and make me look like the bad person'.

She is 20 years old and never wants to hangout with me and keeps shutting me out of her social life on purpose so that no one knows of me, or when i introduce her to my friends she gives them an attitude and says stuff ''omg the people you hang out with'. She yelled at me in the train and said mean stuff out loud like ''you and your stupid job'' ''you are fake'' etc making me look like a fool on purpose and after that i even forgived her because she was in shock of herself. I have no idea why she is jealous of me and why she acts that way, she has no reason to be. I dont know if its looks or something but i am a very nice person, very open, forgiving, mentally strong, i like talking to everyone and she is very uptight, conservative, doesn't like talking to people etc. I am really hurt by her behavior, i can't do anything about it, but im extremely dissappointed in her.

we look a like so it ain't looks, im the one with the curly hair


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  • Just ignore her, treat her like the child she is. You both are very pretty.


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