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Honestly, I don't have much dating experience, so I don't know what is typical. We met online and while he "pursued" me at first (set up dates) and did activities he knew I liked, we weren't really getting anywhere (we're both shy, introverted types) so after about a month I invited him over to watch movies to break the ice. But since then, unless I make plans for us, he really only wants to hang out and watch movies or play videogames. He told me he really likes me and while he doesn't ask questions, he remembers everything I've ever said to him and gets really quiet around me. But I can't tell if I messed up by inviting him over that first time? Saying he wants to hang out just feels very cheap and noncommital..


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  • This guy sounds exactly like me when I was 17.
    Evantually, when I finally kissed my girlfriend, she said "It's about time!"

    • You've done nothing wrong, but you need to take the lead for awhile. Then, he'll know that all is OK and he will be more assertive.

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    • I guess I just don't know how to act around him.. that and my own insecurities are popping up.

    • Don't be insecure. Guys are not nearly as picky as you think and, for the most part, we are easy going.

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