Is it not a good idea for a woman to presue a man?

I was talking and my dad over heard me going to ask the guy out.
And he said " you don't ask out a man, he supposed to ask you out."

Anyways I have followed his advice but I have never been asked out I never had a boyfriend. I never get noticed

So guys or fathers of daughters why do some dads want the guy to ask the girl.

is it not a good idea to ask a guy out?

Am I just setting my self up for failure?


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  • Your dad is old-fashioned and doesn't understand how modern dating works.

    Men come in a few stripes:
    1) cowards who won't ask you out
    2) guys who don't want to ask you out, for a variety of reasons
    3) guys who will ask you out who you may or may not be interested in

    3 is outnumbered severely. And the number of men making up item 3 is shrinking -- because more of them are ending up in items 1 and 2.

    So if you want to date, you are very likely going to have to put in much more effort with today's men.


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  • It's 2015.

    You go right ahead and ask him out.

    I asked my boyfriend out. Worked just fine.


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  • Your dad seems a bit old-fashioned. Guys love it when girls make the first move. It's the easiest way to get a date.

    Don't listen to your father, it's 2015. Men and women are equal. Go ahead and ask a guy out.

  • hey... it is not a mistake you to ask him out, he might not be enough brave to ask you, but you know, even if he likes you he might refuse because he is too afraid he will mess it up

  • Ask him out. Your dad has no idea what dating is like now any more than your grandmother does. The world has changed.


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