Met a deployed soldier online and need advice. Am I overreacting?

I joined POF and met a nice, deployed soldier. We talked via text everyday (until it got closer to him coming home and texted when schedule permitted) and FaceTime on occasion. I fell pretty hard for this virtual man. When he came home, we met and hooked up on our 1st meeting. He had to undergo a 2 or 3 week Reintegration program that prevented him from texting regularly. I was able to see him again and we sat in silence after making out. He told me when I met him that he was a shy, introverted man. So after this reintegration process, he leaves for a 1 month leave to see family out of state.
I feel like a girl who was used to get through the last few months of a deployment who led me to believe a man, who has been twice divorced, is ready to start dating again. Now he's visiting his family and he has only text me once. Not that he should after not seeing his family for over a year. But he'll be stationed at this military base for another year and i feel this man may not want a girlfriend but a local hook up partner when I was told we would date (movies, dinner, dancing, weekend trips). Am I wrong to feel like this may not happen when he returns? Am I over reacting to doom a relationship that hasn't started? I have never dated a military man and don't want to be used. If that's all he wants he needs to tell me and not lead me to think he wants a serious relationship. I want a serious relationship and not a friends with benefits relationship. Help! I'm confused. I miss the man that was overseas and I need to get to know a new person.


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  • It sound sort of standard military relationship. My be is Army and even though we love each other he can be distant sometimes. However given your guys history it may be best just to really talk it out with him so that you do not get held back. I hope it works out the way you want it to. Good luck! :)

    • Thank you! I hope so. He's text me twice but doesn't text long, but I understand why. I want him to concentrate on being home. I appreciate your advice.

    • No problem it's my pleasure to help

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