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I've been dating this girl for two and a half months. The last two weeks have been very tense, very little good stuff. She recently broke up with an unfaithful husband, so she's got a lot going on. I have told her it was over twice in the last two weeks (once for a reason I won't get into but everyone tells me it was justified, and once because I couldn't figure out what she was thinking, couldn't ask, didn't want to stress over it, and didn't want to stress her out). She's tried to break up with me three times during that time. Each time she ends it, she texts me a few hours later like nothing happened. Each time I do, she tries to get me back. I've noticed when I calmly accept her decision she comes back for more, and when I try to get her to take me back, she draws it out. What's going on in her head?


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  • Let her go and break up. It won't last


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