Girls, is it a bad thing that I like cartoons and childish video games?

is it bad that I like Pokémon, Mario, Kirby, ratchet and clank, sly Cooper, kingdom hearts, and other kid oriented franchises?

and also cartoons like spongebob, Pokémon, Simpsons, South Park, bleach, and family guy?

am I childish for liking these things? even though I hit the gym, hang with friends, and study. I do play COD and Halo tho.

do I look like a child for liming these things?


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  • Don't worry I love teenage mutant ninja turtles! I'm 22 today so find someone who has the same kind of appreciation for them as you.

    It's different between acting childish with or without cartoons and enjoying cartoons but behaving appropriately in every situation,



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  • Nah, to each their own. I'm a fan of most those things too.


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