Talking to two guys? How does "talking" even work?

Okay so let's by starting to say I am a junior in High School who is 16 years old and one of the guys is a senior and the other is a junior. Well the senior is my best friend's older brother and she is completely okay with it and even is she trying to trying hook us up and the junior is a guy that I knew from middle school in 7th grade. I am not DATING either of these two and the only one where interest in each other has been clear is with the junior but I feel like things are moving fairly slow compared to the senior where feelings are little bit more ambitious. I think we both know we like each other but we just don't know how to say it because we both keep to ourselves. So Friday night me and my best friend went to hang out with his friends and let's just say things got very physical lol and boxing started happening and I noticed senior was very touchy with me and wanted to keep me close like he wanted to touch me and stuff... I ended up letting him touch my bum which is funny because he is the first guy I have let touch my ass and then he later messaged me asking why did I let him do it as if he wanted to do it again O. O so now I kind of feel bad with junior because I guess I steer away from things like that with him. Like should I have let him touch my butt? Should I be more physical with junior? I mean how does this talking thing work out? I don't want to just get with one and be like "haha ha chose this guy so you are out?". My best friend said "First come, first serve" so the first one to actually go for it gets me first? I mean does that sound right? I mean I feel like that but is that wrong? I have been a bit scandalous I can say because I know neither of them know that I'm kind of "talking" to another guy besides they are both on the basketball team so I try not to be around one guy if the other one is around. I need to know how this talking thing is suppose to work? And what do I tell them if they even decide to ask?
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I would also to like give a brief description of me and the guys relationships. So me and senior have kind of avoided each other since my freshman year up until now where we kind of just click and same with junior however it's hard to pick because what senior lacks junior has and what junior lacks senior has. I mean senior is so manly and everything but he's so shut in with his emotions while junior isn't as manly but is open besides he is way cuter then senior however looks aren't everything
I think I generally have an interest in the both of them and sometimes I like senior more and sometimes I like junior more. However I like be the catcher and senior is playing hard to get sometimes and junior is very out there which kind of turns me off because he seems like he doesn't put effort in the girls he dates while senior does. I just don't know who would be better for me in the long run... :/


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  • When it comes to choosing between two dating prospects... I always end up choosing the one that shows the most interest in me. I don't go by looks, or by age/grade, or even by personality!

    The one that likes me more, always gets the leg up!


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  • just stop talking about them and to them and just pick the one that cares the most.


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