FEMALES, pick one of these guys to date?

OK this is for all females. Which guy would you date Guy 1) 6'0-6'2 tall, average looks, good personality, funny, great body, great dresser Guy 2) 5'8-5'9 tall, really good looking, good personalty, funny, great body, great dresser So basically if two guys were identically the same, but one was 6ft but had average looks, apposed to someone who was shorter, 5'9 but was really good looking. Honestly, which one would you pick? Also please mention how tall you are aswell as your age... THANKS

any more opinions?


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  • I don't know. They sound exactly the same other than the height. Honestly, height isn't even a big deal to me as long as you're not so short that I have to look down at you. I would need more details about each of the guys. Height just isn't a factor for me.

    • they are the same. guy 1 is just taller, guy 2 is better looking

    • Guy two then. Height doesn't matter. If they're both exactly the same except guy one is slightly taller and guy two is slightly better looking then I pick guy two.

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  • I'm 6'1, so obbbvviously I would pick guy number one, but also, if we take out height, I'm not big on guys that are reeally good looking. I tend to gravitate more to guys that are average looking. Really good looking, polished guys are alright too but they tend to sometimes be my second choice.

  • I'm 5'9" and although I like tall men, I love shorter men or men of the same height as me or a smidge taller. I'm not picky. But I think I scare the shorter men away... :(

  • It may sound vapid but I am 5'2/3 and am not attracted to tall guys, it would rather be with someone who was closer to my height. To me if their are lists of an ideal guy, the maximum height I would go for is 5'10. Sorry if you are tall, just my opinion.

  • I'd pick the shorter one... as I'm only 5'5 myself, 5'8 is fine-o-reeno to me

    • I'm sorry but your profile picture has got me laughing so hard! I love that skit and Kristen Wiig. You have great taste! :)

    • @Calla_Lilly hahaha glad to be of service ;-) and thank you!

  • I really have a height preference. 5'9, perhaps I would do that. 5'8 meh... I think I go for guy 1 tbh. I'm 5'7 and 18 years old.

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