I am so confused about this guy, crying every day :( what to do?

This guy I like for over a year now doesn't know it. I want to tell him I have a crush on him, but afraid what will happen... Also just recently, he started following his ex (I think she was for a bit last year) on instagram, and already liking each other's pics, but there was no likes in a year on facebook. I know it's stupid to look at social media, but I don't know if he likes anyone, and I don't know how to act around him as he is actually a family friend, so we just talk casually sometimes in person... I am kind of obsessed with him and he has nice opinion of me, so how do I get him to realise I am the girl for him? How do I act? All these girls in relationships, they seem to get the guy so quickly...


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  • Just talk to him and go with the flow. No need to overcomplicate things


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  • Just be yourself and don't be afraid to talk to him like you would anyone else. Slowly build up the courage to tell him how you feel when you're comfortable enough. Even if it doesn't work out, you will feel so so much better not holding this in anymore. I can tell it's causing you a lot of pain.


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