How do I not give up on love when I have never been a relationship before?

I am 20 and in college and I have never been in a relationship before in my life (not by choice). Before I even came to college, I had the expectation that college would be different, I would have many options to date but now I know that is not the case and I feel a sense of disillusionment. No guy has even asked me out. Now, I do not think it is because of my looks because I get random people telling me I am pretty and beautiful (in no way am I conceited). I am in college but the guys at my college don't seem interested in me at all (maybe its because I am not "easy"). Sometimes I get hopeful and think I may find someone off campus, but I think that it is not likely since I barely have time to get off campus. I mean, randomly stumbling into someone who could potentially be your love partner seems pretty rare to me. Most guys at my college use the dating app tinder. I don't use tinder and I am not really into online dating. I believe that love should come naturally and I feel like finding love the traditional way is more special than finding someone online. I mean, the college I attend is pretty small and has only around 2,000 people, so I feel like everyone already knows me and I already know everyone. The college I attend is a top 50 liberal arts college but it pretty much feels like high school again. I think that college is a crucial time in forming relationships and I have only been able to form friendships but not a romantic relationship. I feel like time waits for no one and I am scared of being lonely and alone at such an older age (that is currently one of my biggest fears). Some people on campus are in relationships and I get sad when I see people holding hands. Sometimes when I am bored, I will go on YouTube and stumble on a 'bf does my makeup' or 'bf tag' and I dream about having a boyfriend and then I will start crying. Sometimes, I want to give up on finding love since I have never had the experience of it and I feel like I am only getting older and things are staying the same. What are ways to get over the feeling of not ever being able to ever find love when I have never even been in a relationship before?


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  • Being single for a while my self i know the feeling, especially around this time of year. Loneliness sucks but it has its perks as well, so enjoy them while they last. Eventually you will meet some one, just dont give up hope.
    My one question is what are you doing to change things? You dont have to change yourself and be someone your not to attract someone. But how are you putting your self out there letting the world know that you want to be swept off you feet? Looking upset, annoyed, angered will not help, and know one will want to approach you. So smile, and let the world know how awesome you are.
    The best way to get over the feeling is to do things you enjoy. I think its best to find someone who likes the same things you like, so going place you enjoy could be better luck in attracting someone of similar interest.

    Keep your head up and smile on


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