Why does he say he doesn't want to be with me every time we disagree then come back to me?

He tells me what he thinks of me which, if they were true I would give up on life. I start the mend my broken heart as I see getting back together is no longer viable because he thinks these things. But two weeks later he is acting like he can't go on without me. Wtf?

he gets so hurt by even the littlest upset I raise. He tells me how horrible I am then asks me back.

The day before my birthday he told me everything he hated about me, that I'm not a complete loser but not for him. I make six figures, his friends like me, I cook for him and enjoy going anywhere with him.

I know I have to let him go because he is hurting me but why does he keep coming back?


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  • Because he still hasn't found someone better


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