Should we consider living in close quarters or risk being driven apart?

I have been with my boyfriend for about year and five months now. He graduates high school this coming June and plans on attending community college. Because he does not want to pay the expences of living on campus, he is considering staying and living with his mom. His mom, though, is driving a wedge in our relationship by not allowing us to see each other as punishment for bad behaviors, which means I sometimes dont see him for a month or two at a time due to busy schedules (he lives 2 1/2 hours away from where I live) and those punishments. We have talked about other options when he moves off to college, and the two others are him moving in with my family or us moving in together. I will still be in high school, so the third idea seems impractical. The second one may not be practical for him as well, as it would mean a 45 minute drive to college. Any tips for situations like these? I still have months to figure this out, but I want opinions from an outside source.


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  • Close quarters

  • Skype.

    Lots and lots of Skype. With earphones.

    And, if need be, tor to protect your privacy :p

    It sounds like his mum is a *leeetle* nuts, so watch out. That's a hornets nest you might not want to get too close to until he *can* move out.


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