Are guys interested in girls that their family adore?

So there's this guy at my church who's my age. His dad is our youth pastor sponsor and his grandma is in charge of adult Sunday school. Ever since I've started going to this church (2 months ago), his dad and grandma have adored me. His dad always puts me as lead singer for worship teams and his dad always pays attention to me and talks to me during bible study and he has mentioned his son a couple times. His grandma always hugs me (and not my cousins who have started going to church the same time as me) and I barely know her. His dad has also put me as the singing lead for the band his son is playing in for Thanksgiving. However, his son has never approached me before and I have messaged him before to ask him to play guitar for my band, but it took him days to reply and he barely ever replied to my messages afterwards. Anyways he was in my youth class one time (and his dad was paying a lot of attention to me as usual) and he was sitting next to his dad. I always look at his dad when he talks just out of a respect, and I could see him glancing at me a lot from the corner of my eye. When he was joking with the other guys, I think I saw him glancing at me afterwards a couple times. The thing is, we were sitting in a circle and he was in front of me to the right and his dad was on his left so I don't know if he was glancing at his dad OR me..

So although his grandma and dad obviously really like me, will there ever be a chance that he could like me too? (He teaches the children ministry so I barely see him in church so it's hard to ever talk to him but we have a youth formal coming up so I'll hopefully talk to him then.) In the meantime, what can I do to get his attention? I really like his family and would love to be involved in it and he's totally someone I would date. :)
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  • Most people know that if their parents like someone, they will never like them. Parents typically have crappy taste when it comes to dating.


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