Is it possible that girls reject guys even when they are attracted and intressted?

Is it possible that some girls even if they find a guy really good looking, intresseting and are attracted to him would not pursue a realtionship with him because they think she isn't equally good looking? Like she is to insecure to open her self to him because she fears that she will get hurt or that the guy just waits for a better looking girl? So as result she aims for a more average looking guy were she doesn't feel this nagging thoughts of not beeing good enought?


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  • Yeah, a girl can reject a guy because she's insanely insecure, but I don't think that happens very often. It's much more common for girls to reject guys because they simply don't feel the same way.

    • And when they guy is a model?

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    • by the way happen more often than you think

    • I didn't delete any comments, I just didn't respond because I didn't see this until now. There are many reasons why a girl doesn't want a relationship.

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  • Yes it's possible. Some girls for whatever reason may not want the guy even if they are attracted. I know there are some girls who look at guys as eye candy only.

    • In my expierince only very good looking girls choose a handsome guy. Other girls would feel to insecure to date one ecspecilly when he's also smart and makes money.

    • I don't know about all that.

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  • well, a girl once told me, i was prettier than her XD thats when i decided to stop being skinny and keep some facial hair

    • You can be happy that this girl told you her honest opinion. Most girls will make up false reason when the reason is what you got told. You are pretty good looking guy.

    • thanks man, i take no offense to what girls think of how i look ha ha, but she made me realize i needed to eat more XD

  • Dude they do it just for fun


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