Girls, why do you ruin your attractiveness by drinking alcohol, doing drugs and smoking?

Drinking, smoking, and doing drugs is a turn off. You can go ahead and call me self righteous I am entitled to my opinions.

It's even glamorized in the media, you see photos of models with a ciggarette in her mouth and those movies that glamorize alcohol use and the notion that keeps being perpetuated by the media that you need to buy "booze" to get with girls.

I know you view sobriety as boring and not drinking/not doing drugs and not smoking is for losers and those who don't do the above mentioned are "sheltered whimps" who are too "scared" to try something new and you smokers and drinkers are superior and you "know" how to have fun.

And I know you wouldn't date a guy who doesn't do drugs/smoke/alcohol because thats boring amirite and if a guy orders a non alcoholic drink on a date you will reject him on the spot cause real men buy alcohol for women amirite?

Dating is all about meeting at bars, getting drunk then having a one night stand amirite?

And I am well aware of your excuses:

- "I drink to relax after a long day"
- "It helps me socialize"
- "I only drink when I am with my friends"
- "There are more benefits of drinking than not drinking"

Also I know that people have the right to put harmful subtances in their bodies for the sake of "fun" and fitting in.


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  • Why do guys do the same? Because it helps them feel better. Not that I'm for drugs or illegal substances, but let them do what they want. If you can do it and don't want people taking it away from you, why do you think it's okay to tell a girl not to do it?

    • "feel better". Right there is no other way to deal with emotions only drugs and alcohol help. (sarcasm)

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    • People who do drugs you feminazi.

    • I honestly can't believe how a person can be such a narrow-minded and selfish individual. What gives guys the right to tell girls what to do? This applies vice versa as well, but you obviously don't get the whole picture. Just because someone doesn't believe in your views, you automatically claim that they do drugs? You're pathetic.

  • Anonymous, why do you generalize girls? I don't do any of the following and never will, and many girls are the same...

    • Blame the media. It's not my fault girls are portrayed as alcoholics who go to parties every weekend and constantly talk about about getting "wasted".

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