My physical attraction to this guy from my past is holding me back from a guy im dating. help?

so there's this guy i met last year and we literally had the most insane sexual chemistry in the world. we couldnt stop staring at each other and what not and he and i had some of the sexiest makeout sessions in the entire world, but due to timing and complications we didn't date. he's coming home for the Christmas break and we decided before school started that if i was still single he'd like to see me over the break but that he's not looking for a relationship. so here's my problem. i just started dating this amazing guy. we haven't kissed or anything but he's a real gentleman. he's everything i want on paper in a man, and he's not bad looking either, but i think what's holding me back is this other guy who i literally would maul the moment i saw him next month. deep down i just want to make out with this one guy, get laid and move on for good because he's had my hormones running rampage for over a year now and i think i just need to get him out of my system, but im not a girl who'd cheat on a guy (even thouguh were not exclusive or what not, but im going with the hypothetical sitaution where were boyfriend and girlfriend by dec) so that makes getting this other guy out of my system impossible. im not sure what to do because i feel like im sabotaging my experiences with this new guy because of this old fling. i need help
please help


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  • You have to decide if it's more important to get an awesome and guaranteed lay with a guy you're lusting for or take a chance and maybe spend your life with a guy who is a true gentleman. I get that you want both, but the guy you are dating is trusting you with his heart and emotions and you're a shitty person if you try to manipulate the situation for your own selfish desires.

    • and i wouldn't do that. id never do anything to manipulate someone. im just confused right now becasue i want to be fair to this guy and i dont want to hurt him, but i also dont feel anythign with him

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    • I meant like in a romantic and sexual sense.

    • exactly. thats what i think is missing. like we went on a date to one of those escape rooms today and it was him and i alone in a pitch black room and not once did i feel any sexual tension or anything. he never came up behind me, or touched my back, or waist or anything. like evne that is still gentlemanly, but nothing

  • Flip a coin... you'll know who to choose as the coin is about to land


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