Troubles with approaching a guy. help?

I have wanted to approach the guy i liked for the longest time, but its so hard. I've liked him for so many months now and have gotten almost nowhere. weve talked a few times and he's even told me that i can always talk to him but i always dart past because i get so socially anxious, shut down, and never know what to say. he's stopped trying to come up to me because my anxiety gets so bad that i seem unapproachable. i need to come up with some sort of plan but i have no ideas. he's always surrounded by friends.


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  • Just text him if you're superb shy. If he knows what he's doing. He will ask you out if he genuinely likes you

    • i started to do that. he caught on and started trying to talk to me in person. im so shy that i probably seemed uninterested. he stopped thinking i like him and stopped trying to talk to me all of the time.

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  • I had this problem in high school too. Start small with just a smile and "hey" every time you pass him. Making eye contact helps.

    When you start to feel a little more comfortable, plan a few possible things to chat about (casual things) in advance. Then just try to remember he's a (nice) guy who has invited you to talk to him. You're not doing anything wrong or embarrassing; you're just being nice back and being yourself.

    He might even approach you first if he's sees you're approachable again from the smiles.

    You can do it! :)


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  • just approach them and tell them how u feel.


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