I made some blonde jokes to my girlfriend about her driving and she got all sad. Would you girl react the same way?

So i want to say i joked with her and did not mean to make her all sad. So she could not seem to park her car good so i said a joke, then she tried going somehwere else and still could not park it so i made another joke, then she got all mad. I stopped. when we got out of the mall she had trouble getting out of her spot and i cracked a driving joke. (blonde jokes were before). Then she got all emotional and told me when i keep sayi9ng these things i de motivate her and she can't drive well. She also said those blonde jokes hurt her.

I told her i was sorry and i never meant to hurt her feelings. It was all a joke. Why did she get so emotional cause of the blonde jokes? Does it hurt you girls or something?


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  • Some girls get hurt by that. Just don't do it if it hurts her.


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  • Slow death of a thousand small cuts. You don't hear those jokes all the time, and you haven't seen thousands and thousands of instances in culture telling women they can't drive well, so you don't have the same perspective she does, and certainly wouldn't have the same emotional response.

    Apologize (you got that part) and then find another way to joke and tease with her. It may be she's sensitive in general, so teasing's a bad idea (it can be rough if you're emotions aren't strong on a given day and someone you care about says something negative about you - our brains are wired to feel that keenly, and the "it's a joke/funny" response has to fight that). It may be that blonde and/or sexist jokes are a bad idea (I can do blonde ones with my girlfriend, but not sexist ones). It may be that she was having a hard day for whatever reason and you hadn't noticed (not a mind reader ;) )

    But at least you know that she values your good opinion. Take care of her ego ;)

    • thanks, i will say sorry to her again

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  • Maybe on period. Maybe she's an insecure person overall.


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