What are the signs a guy at work is on the verge of asking you out?

So I've been working with this guy for about a year. He started to flirt with me back in March. He's a bit shy but would drop hints off an on about the wknd. He would blush when talking to me. Staring, hanging around where I am, ask me my work schedule. So I decided months later to ask him out for a drink. He said yes, only to call me and cancel. Then ramped up the flirting the following week.

Lately, he's been helping me but when I strike up a conversation he will freeze. Recently another coworker was teasing him in front of me relentlessly. He's always around, and he will bring up things we talked about months ago. He called into my office the other day, and fumbled his words only to say he called me by mistake. The end of the day, he completely avoided me. It was odd. So what gives?


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  • What gives? You should continue dating other alpha males. It was disrespectful when you asking him out for date, if he's interested, why wouldn't he reschedule for you?

    • Agreed! But what's with the constant flirting? He's a shy guy for sure.

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