What do you consider attractive?

What type of people are you generally attracted to? (Physical and Personality traits) If you were interested in someone, what would be a deal breaker for you (meaning a huge turn off that would throw you off and make you not want to be with that person)?


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  • Things i'm attracted to in terms of:
    Physicality: Long hair, chubby girls, big boobs, fair skinned, average face (as long as not so much pimples, im particular into facial hygiene), like to smile.
    Personality: Honest, congruent of actions with words, being able to communicate loving, matured, openly.

    Deal breaker: Superb shy, structured, holding back, insecure, controlling, not having a social life. etc


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  • I am attractive to people that know what they want.


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  • Intelligence and sense of humour trump everything for me.


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