Is he just stringing me along?

Is he just stringing me along?
We've hung out a few times but he always seemed to wait for an excuse/reason to hang out (except our first meeting) ... Texting is about a 50/50, and he's always responsive... Last week he said he's up for hanging out if I want to, and I said yes.. So this past Friday I asked if we were gonna hang out at some point or not in which he responded that he's free anytime (there is a lot of inside joking going on too, it's not so dull) ... After our convo got off topic, I simply asked when he'd like to get together... His response was dunno - at that point I told him I'm going to take that answer as no - Which he responded with no, it's a sooner or later 😊 ... If he's free anytime and wants to hang out... What is stopping him from just choosing a day? Should I just choose a day and ask him?


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  • I think he's being indecisive as a guy. He said he's up for hanging if you want to, if i were him, i will obviously make a definite date. So, u reached out to him again on Friday to see whether he's still interested, and he was circling around without getting to the point by responding ''oh... im free anytime.''

    It is obvious you should date an alpha male, not with this kind of beta male.
    How old's he actually?

    • He's 34 😒 ... I'm not one to wait around or chase after anyone, he's a sweet guy and shy but it's frustrating when it should be so simple

    • pity that dude, i think u should continue circulate.

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