Why did he break up with me?

Please read!! I need advice

i dated a guy for a few months. The first date we went on we talked about past relationships. He told me he was in a long distance relationship that didn't go so well. It made me nervous cause I have to go back to school for 4 months in January.
A couple weeks later he could tell something was bothering me and asked if anything was wrong. I told him the whole long distance thing made me nervous. He was super reassuring , said he would visit, and told me he wished I'd said something earlier cause it wasn't even a problem in his head.
A few days ago he called me and said it was probably best if we go our separate ways. He said things are going so good right now and if we see eachother through the holidays it will make things that much more difficult when we have to be apart. So he's afraid? I really like (d)? Him...
any advice? Is there something I'm missing


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  • Since his last long distance relationship ended badly, maybe he didn't want even the smallest chance of something bad happening again. So he broke the relationship up so he couldn't get hurt again

    • That is so frustrating though. I really like him and think there is potential there. i really have never felt about anyone as I did about him. Do you think there is anything I can do? Is there any chance he will change his mind? Or do I just need to move on

    • Tell him how you feel about him. And you could always go to school closer so that it's not really a long distance relationship. But if whatever you going to school for or the place your going to is because it's something you really want to do irnandream of yours, tell him this and if he still wants to break up with you,
      Move on, cuz then he's an ass

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