What's "casual dating," and why tell an S.O. about who you've casually dated in the past?

A while back, my boyfriend mentioned that I might run into one or two girls he's "casually dated" in the past, and let me know that there is absolutely nothing there between them. Which got me thinking... why would someone even bother to mention someone they've "casually" dated? To me, casually dating someone means you went on 2-3 dates with them and realized you weren't right for one another. Am I wrong? I mean... I do think it was sweet of him to quell any potential concerns... but why even bother mentioning it?

Do you ever tell your current boyfriend/girlfriend that you've casually dated someone in your group of friends? If you have, what was your motivation for telling them? Did you tell them because you wanted to make sure you addressed the topic (just in case it might come up in the future, although I don't see why it should)... or did you do in part to make your girlfriend/boyfriend a bit jealous?

Maybe I just have a skewed view of "casually dating"... no dating for me has been genuinely casual. I've cared about all of the men I've had more than three dates with!


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  • casual dating from what I understand means that theyre seeing you but also seeing others, playing the field so to speak. dating without commitment. I've never done it myself and never would. I'm a one girl kinda guy. to a lot of people tho casual dating just means booty call, or another way of saying FWB.

  • well to be honest my take on wnhat he said. casually dated means. meeting for sex . this would explain his actions. why would he mention this if not so.


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