An arab girl with an israeli guy - but with a twist?

if we lived in america, this would not be an issue... but we live in israel! she works at a store near my house and we always flirt with each other. she's really pretty and i'd like to take her out but she is arab. what should i do?


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  • haha what if I told you I am a Portuguese girl dating a Moroccan guy.

    Not to mention he is Muslim and I am Christian.

    We are long distance at the moment, but if he came to Portugal, it would still very much be frowned upon by people, my family included.

    I wish I lived in America lol and supposedly Portugal is an Europan country (should be more advanced in its way of thinking, however prejudice will always exist).

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    • Dk what gave u that impression in my answer

      I'm sorry if sharing my story doesn't help.

    • i got that impression because it is entirely irrelevant to my situation. this is so hard because she is ARAB and i am ISRAELI and we both live in israel. not because she's muslim and i'm not. culture runs deeper than religion and they aren't only two conflicting religions but two conflicting cultures

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  • My friend married a Palestinian, and he was Israeli. I fail to see the problem.

    • but i am not israeli-american like your friend, and the girl isn't palestinain-american like your friend's wife... me and the girl are both from here. we were israeli & palestinian in its true form

    • Lol they were both born and raised in the middle east, and still live there.

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  • I don't know, I'm not gonna lie it's kind of a hard situation, mainly because I know how Middle Eastern families are (regardless of religion), would your family be ok with you being in a non Kosher relationship, would her family be Ok with her being in a non Halal relationship? That's where it might cause problems :/
    If you lived abroad it would be less of an issue I agree, my friend is Moroccan Jew and she's dating a Tunisian Muslim but we live in France.

  • There are tons of beautiful amazing Israeli girls. Why her?

    • maybe because he likes her?

      You don't really choose who you like. You can pretend you don't like them until it goes away, but sometimes it isn't easy or worth it to ignore it.

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  • Damn, I can certainly appreciate the difficulty of your situation. I don't think social backlash is the issue here. I think its gonna be from both your families, who probably have some... old fashion views on this.

  • It's just asking for trouble. Not that race matters, but certain folks might see it that way.

    • thats what my friend said. maybe if i lived in america where these things matter less. but i live in where the issue stems from.

  • Ask her, I hope it works out


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