I am so fixated on this guy and I need some advice on how to handle this situation?

the parcel delivery guy who comes to my work place, he only seem to strike up a convo with me, everyone at work can see that, they say he likes me. Saturday he came again I helped him out as a customer, I was with him for an hour. We had abit of a personal convo but nothing much he seemed interested to no more about me. We exchanged numbers. Monday, I bumped into him again, He said he would call me. Tuesday he messaged me, it was abit of a suprising convo considering he didn't say hi he just started off by saying I had a dream about you. And we'll you can imagine. I didn't take it to personally he was being abit of a flirt, it was going into a different conversation, the last message i sent him he read it & never replied.

Wednesday he came in earlier then usual no parcel he needed assistance again as a customer he was expecting me to help him he asked numerous times what days I work and I told him. I was only able to say hi & bye to him nothing much. The same day I just messaged him sting hey hope your having a good day, he read it and never replied. He has been online on many times.

We messaged once on a Tuesday and I messaged him Wednesday then we didn't speak for a whole week I messaged him last night say hey how are you and he wrote back this morning say Hi Gigi. U ok? And as a joke I said "oo my gosh you actually replied, I guess your thumbs aren't broken, I'm good thanks how are you I haven't heard from you yet". He got the joke he replied saying I always message you (which is a lie) and then he said I didn't see you at work today. I responded and once again he read my message e and hasn't replied since and he has been online.

I really have the urge to just be direct with him and tell hin ro delete my number or should I just simply say goodbye.


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  • It does sound like you might be the one who is more interested. (Sorry.) Honestly his behavior is that of a guy who already has a girl, but who likes to flirt and explore his options, and not be so up front about the home life.

    My advice is never chase a guy. You've expressed interest and gotten little in return, so it's probably best to move on. Take care.

  • Hi, i think you should ask him out indirectly if you truly likes him and want to explore more about him. A simple ''hey, i just wonder if we can go out for a drink sometime?'' works.


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