Guys, Do I text and ask what happened? Or give it more time?

I went out with my friends and one particular guy took an interest in me but seemed shy. He would ask if i was algud. He seemed like he was walking towards me then suddenly change direction. Near the end of the night I walked past this group and they called out to me. They made small talk... it was more his mate asking the questions... They asked if I had a phone... the shy guy put his number in my phone before walking off inside... embarrassed by his mate giving him about being shy etc. While the shy guy was inside his mate asked if I picked up on shy guy hitting on me I said no. He told me he was good guy. We went our separate ways. But on my way out the shy guy told me to have a good night and to text him. So the next day I did. We've texted. He asked what I was up to that night... I had drinks with friends he said if I was in the area to stop by and see him... he might have drinks with some mates as he couldn't sleep... now of course I wouldn't have gone alone... but I texted to late and he had fallen asleep. He texted in the morning apolizing, we texted some more. I mentioned I was going out. He asked if I had time to pop in and see him... I said I couldn't as I would have my mum with me.. but we could meet somewhere for a coffee instead. His response..."Yea sweet sounds good I'm just off to training will give u a buzz after that.. Text soon' hva good day x" so I replied with "Sweet as. You too, have a good session :) " but unfortunately that was yesterday and I have not heard anything since. Did he get cold feet? Did I say something to put him off" What do I do? Do I text him asking what happened yesterday so he can see I'm not a pushover? Do I forget about him?


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  • He's a shy guy who doesn't know how to clearly proceed. It was clear you're somehow interested when you said ''but we could meet somewhere else for a coffee instead'' he should've use that opportunity to set up a definite date, time place.


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  • Yeah, text them

    • Thank you. Now the question is... what ti say in the text?

    • "Hey bitches, I want to know what happened and I want to know know before I come over there with a sledge hammer"

    • Hahaha gold! But there is no way in hell I'm sending that lol.

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