Girls, Would a 43-44 year old female nurse be interested in a 30-31 year old IT man?

I just met this very beautiful woman at work the other day, and I found out she's separated. She has kids, but I'm not sure if she is interested in having more kids. I'm not sure how many she has, either. I didn't realize she was in her 40s. I thought she was in her 30s.


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  • As a 41 year old woman, I would go out with a 32 year old if I really liked him. A lot of women my age dont want more kids but some would still want to but then they have lower chance of being able to than a 31 year old woman. The other thing to consider is whether she is ready to date again. If she is separated how long ago, is there still stuff to settle with her ex, and it has probably been a bad experience so she might not want to jump straight into a relationship. But you can always just start with asking her out for coffee.

    • Okay. Thanks!

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    • Okay, great! There's still hope for some of us guys.

    • No problem - there is always hope. 😃

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